How to use rogue timer

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How to use rogue timer

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At Forge of Empires Tips; we are always on the lookout for the military units that can advance our military strategy and take our empire to the next level; enter the Rogue. Here, we have written a Forge of Empires Rogue guide, so you can get the most from what this potentially powerful unit has to offer….


Rogues are a unique fighting unit. For a start, you can only train Rogue units if you own and have built the coveted Rogue hideout. This is only available through the Inno contest and through special events. So if you are a new beginner to Forge of Empires — this guide is not for you. Instead, we suggest you look HERE. When you enter a battle, the first enemy hit your Rogue takes transforms it into one of your existing live units.

This can happen even if you take a hit from the lowest and weakest unit, i. Remember this! But we will discuss Rogue strategies in more detail later in the artcle. For those of you who are reading this and have no Rogue Hideouts, the first thing you are going to need to do is obtain some. Notice we said some, we actually suggest you aim to get as many as possible. To do this, you will need to participate in one of the special events where you can win prizes from InnoGames.

Diamonds spent on Rogue Hideouts are a worthwhile investment as well.

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You will also want to use diamonds to open up all 5 slots in the Rogue Hideout barracks. We advise that you try to get as many Rogue Hideouts as you can. Following our own advice, in one of the worlds in our own game, we managed to establish 8 Rogue Hideouts and an Alcatraz Great Building.

It goes without saying that we had tons and tons of Rogues. Our reasoning is quite simple; you want a horde of Rogues because they take 24 hours to train. Having more Rogues means that you can save time and get ready for battle more quickly without having to wait for training times.

We must point out here, that if you do not fight in the Guild vs. Guild wars, you can get away with fewer Rogues in your Army. Additionally, we also advise that you do not deploy a defence that is mostly made up of Rogues. This is because Rogues die off with a single hit if there are no other troop types left in your army.

how to use rogue timer

Placing all Rogues in your defence army is asking for defeat each and every time. Aside from this tip, there are many techniques you can develop with your Rogues in your defending Army. For no player uses the same technique for using Rogues in their defending army. In our own games and experience, we like to use one to three Rogues in our defending army in all ages lower than the Modern Era.

This seems to work best and provides us with the most optimum results. But whilst we offer you advice here at Forge of Empires Tips, be sure to experiment. In essence, there is no single solution for your city defence. This is a military unit that varies quite dramatically depending on your goal; Rogues in your attacking army is a whole different story.

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The Rogue packs a whopping hit points higher if you have attack boosts if he strikes an enemy. This is HUGE! Since the Rogue can move 14 spaces at a time, simply hold back your other striking troops giving your Rogues a chance to become a threat.

So Imagine this — you are fighting in the Iron Age. Your army consists of 2 Archers, 2 Legionnaires, 2 Ballistas and 2 Rogues.Rogues are World of Warcraft's premiere melee damage dealer and especially effective in PvP.

They have access to a wide range of special abilitieswhich depend on their constantly refilling pool of energy. Unlike other classes, such as the hunter who has the ability to deal physical damage from a distance, rogues must be in close.

The primary rogue class advantage is their ability to stealthpreventing other players from seeing them unless the rogue is very close and in a degree arc in front of them or much lower level.

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The primary rogue attribute is agility. For PvP rogues, stamina is needed for staying alive. For a rogue, agility is always preferable to strength or attack power. Agility gives both attack power and crit chance to a rogue, while strength only gives attack power.

A rogue uses no manaso intellect and spirit are completely useless. At later levels, most rogue-oriented gear will also include a lot of Attack Power. Other gear bonuses sought by rogues are CritHitand Haste. High Crit gives burst damage, High Hit increases chance to hit, mitigating dual wield penalty and enhancing dps. Rogues can only wear leather or cloth armor, are unable to use shields, and can only wield one-handed weapons daggers, swords, maces, fist weapons and ranged weapons.

At level 10, they gain access to poisons that can be purchased from poison vendors. It is required to complete a quest chain to gain the use of poisons. Rogues acquire the passive ability to be able to Detect Trapswhich can be very valuable in PvP situations with a hunter.

Rogues are best suited for players who like to sneak up on enemies and dish out large amounts of burst damage. They possess a wide range of skills that allow them to accomplish feats from disarming traps to finding secret doors to smacking a magic item until it works.

They are decent in a fight, and if they can strike quickly or unseen — or are flanking an enemy with the help of a thoughtful ally — they can be truly deadly. Of course, they also excel at stealth. The rogues of Azeroth are the masters of subterfuge, skilled and cunning adversaries of those who dare not look into the shadows to see what lurks there.

Roguery is a profession for those who seek the adventures of stalking in silent forests, dimly lit halls and heavily guarded strongholds.

Using trickery in combat and able to vanish at the slightest distraction, the rogue is a welcome addition to any group of adventurers. Ideal spies, deadly to those they can catch unaware, rogues have no problem finding a place in the world. Deadly masters of stealth, rogues are the whispers in shadowy corners and the hooded figures crossing dark fields.

Skilled with daggers and the art of silent death, these vagabonds and bandits skulk about Azeroth seeking targets and profit. A member of almost any race can learn the tricks necessary to become a skilled rogue. Still, for the tauren, such a profession is an alien concept and therefore rare if not non-existent among those peoples.Tabata is a high intensity training method for conditioning and fat-burning.

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We found the following ones:. The ALI Express timer had a great price but could have been risky in terms of sending it back in case of warranty. The 4 digit timer only had 4 digits, the additional 2 digits in other timers come in quite handy. They, for example, show you in which round you are.

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Eventually the choice was between the Crossmax interval timer and the Rogue Echo Timer. Both were around the same price, so we made the choice for the Rogue Echo Timer because in our experience this is a reliable brand that offers great quality. The timer is visible from every spot in the box, due to the glass-like display and our high windows, sunlight might reflect a little.

Thanks to the 5 different levels of brightness, this issue can be easily resolved.

how to use rogue timer

The timer has a small internal speaker on the right side. The volume of the beeps is not adjustable and for itself not very loud. The timer has a couple of pre-programmed functions that can be selected with the remote control only. Find a review of the programs underneath:. The Rogue timer is robust and of great building quality. It lives up to expectations for the small to average box.

Forge of Empires Rogue Guide: How to Use Rogues Most Effectively

Comparing CrossFit Timers Because we frequently order gear from Rogue this seemed like a no-brainer, but we often see other timers when we visit other boxes. Distance between holes: Display and visibility The timer is visible from every spot in the box, due to the glass-like display and our high windows, sunlight might reflect a little. Speaker and volume The timer has a small internal speaker on the right side.The Rogue is a special light military unit released during the Easter Event.

These units have no bonuses but they possess the special ability of secret identity. A rogue is designed around its secret identity ability, which is triggered very easily. Its special ability is to transform into another unit.

How To Workout With Tabata Training

However given the opportunity to attack before transforming can be powerful in the early ages. The rogue is considerably strong in the game until the Postmodern Era, where units of that age have much higher defense. The rogue itself has a defense of 1, so almost any attack will result in the Rogue being depleted of its hit points. On depletion of its hit pointsone of two things will happen: either it transforms using its secret identity ability or it vanishes from the battle killed.

On transformation it becomes a different unit, and may retaliate towards the attacking unit. The transformation turns a rogue into another friendly unit on the field at the time of battle. The transformation requires other friendly units other than rogues to be on the battlefield. As a rogue cannot be transformed into itself, a battle with only rogues renders the secret identity useless.

They cannot transform into units from the opposing force, either. If the rogue cannot find another unit to transform into it will simply be killed and disappear from the battle. The unit it will transform into is a random unit selected from the friendly units. A transformed rogue will appear as a different unit on the battlefield. It will take on all characteristics and abilities of the unit it becomes. It's possible to differentiate a transformed rogue from regular units by looking at the unit properties.

One will notice the secret identity ability in the properties of a unit which no longer takes on the appearance of a rogue.

But the unit with secret identity is a rogue. Whatever the rogue transforms into during battle, it will not retain its new identity past the battle. In your army management it will still be a rogue. In each and every consecutive attack, it will be a rogue at the beginning of battle.

how to use rogue timer

This means a rogue will start in the second wave of a two-wave battle as a rogue in Guild Expeditions. A transformed rogue sustains its damaged after the battle. Each hit point takes a rather lengthy time to heal. If a rogue is sent into battle with reduced hit pointsthe damage will be carried over to the unit it transforms into. Rogues and the Rogue Hideout are featured in the summer and winter events. The Rogue Hideout is also possible to obtain from the Challenger's Chest of the Daily Challenges after filling its progress bar.

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We also have advanced sections about cooldowns, procs, etc. If you have not already, please read the spells summary page. Knowing how each spell and ability works in detail will greatly increase your understanding of the topics discussed on this page. When it comes to choosing between Dagger and Sword builds for Roguethe choice is completely up to you. The Sword build is an easier build to play for beginners, so you may want to try this out once you have the gold to afford Weapon Mastery.

The Dagger Build is a little bit more advanced, but is still competitive. If you can, you want to start off every fight in Stealthsince some of your most powerful abilities can only be used from Stealth. As a Rogue, the multi-target rotation is very simplistic. Rogue does not have any AoE abilities, however the cooldown Blade Flurry allows your abilities to cleave for 15 seconds. You can also look into Engineering, as it gives you access to bombs which are great for AoE.

This rotation assumes that you are using a dagger build, either the generic dagger build or the Horde-optimized Seal Fate dagger build when playing with a Shaman.

When playing solo with daggers, you can pool Energy and use Gouge to get behind your target in order to Backstab. This can be be done later in the leveling process with Kidney Shot as well. You can also look into Engineering, as it gives you access to bombs, which are great for AoE. Rogues do not have many cooldowns that are available outside of the talent tree.

The baseline options are SprintEvasionand Vanish. While leveling, you want to use these as often as possible to get as much usage out of them as you can. Sprint is very helpful for getting around before Level You want to use it as much as possible to maximize how many times you use it while leveling. You get Sprint at Level


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